Convicted of a DUI/OVI?

Protect your rights and let the Makridis Law Firm fight your charges

A conviction for DUI / OVI can change your life. It affects not only your freedom and ability to drive, but also your ability to stay employed, reputation, car insurance rates, college admissions, housing, military enlistment, custody, immigration, travel, and ability to get a professional license.
At Makridis Law, we pride ourselves on offering professional legal service at an affordable price. We are a small, family-owned, firm that is able to offer inexpensive DUI lawyer services at a much lower price compared to the larger firms in Columbus, which have higher overhead costs.

If you are arrested for DUI / OVI, a bond is usually set to assure your appearance in Court. If you cannot post the bond you may be incarcerated pending your appearance. But if a bond is posted, you can remain free as long as you show up to your arraignment date. The arraignment usually occurs within 24 hours of the arrest or the first date available if you are arrested on a weekend or holiday.