Restoration of Gun Rights in Ohio

Can I restore my gun rights in Ohio?

  • Yes. There are certain criminal convictions in Ohio that disqualify you from owning a gun. Some of these convictions can be sealed. Once sealed, your gun rights will be restored.
  • However, if you have a conviction that cannot be sealed, it is possible to petition your local court to restore your ability to own a firearm.

What is the process to restore my gun rights in Ohio?

  • Your attorney needs to file a motion for relief from a firearm disability. This motion is filed in the court that you received the conviction.
  • There are three factors the court will look at to determine if you are eligible
    • You have completed your sentence for the conviction. This means that you have completed any jail/prison time, probation, post release control, and paid off all fines or restitution.
      • It’s possible that the weapon disability is based on something other than a conviction. For example, you could have been found to be mentally incompetent at some point. If this is no longer the case, you are eligible.
    • You have led a law abiding life since the end of your sentence and it appears likely that you continue to do so.
    • You are not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing or using firearms.
      • This means that you have no other convictions preventing you from owning firearms.
  • The court will (hopefully) schedule a hearing after you file your motion. If the court grants the motion, it will file an entry that states your weapons rights have been restored.


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