What to Do if You’re Wrongfully Accused

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If this happens to you or someone you love, it’s only natural to feel scared and confused. After all, a person who has been wrongfully accused may face a criminal lawsuit, a civil lawsuit or both. 

In response, the defendant needs to prove there is reasonable doubt they did not commit the offense.

Here’s what to do.

While Awaiting Trial

It’s important to abide by the court’s orders before trial. When possible, the defendant should avoid the places and people mentioned in the lawsuit and refrain from discussing the lawsuit with the media or on social media. 

Work On a Defense

Consider establishing an alibi or a defense. Both strategies require gathering evidence. Locate potential witnesses and collect facts and physical evidence, like relevant documents, that support your story.  

Stay Healthy and Calm

A defendant should consider seeing a counselor to deal with stress until the case is resolved. Exercise regularly and eat well. The court may order the defendant not to use drugs or alcohol. Overall, it’s critical to avoid being arrested on a new charge.

The Process Takes Time

Disproving a wrongful accusation can take weeks or months. The process usually ends when the case is resolved. This can occur by way of a plea, acquittal or settlement. In rare situations, the prosecutor may drop the case. If a defendant chooses to enter a guilty plea, they may do so without admitting guilt. 

Avoid Perjury 

In a criminal case, a defendant should seek to introduce proof of reasonable doubt — but without taking the stand. This helps the defendant avoid a potential perjury charge. It can be tempting to testify, but a prosecutor may attempt to use the opportunity to catch the defendant in a lie. 

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